Nic De La Paz

It all started when…

I was 5. I drove my mom absolutley crazy about dresses for specific occasions. I knew exactly what I was looking for & didn’t look for much input. Over the years it developed into a love for design as many times the perfect piece I was looking for wasn’t in stores or was missing a detail I felt it absolutely needed… I was 13.

Needless to say I would borrow my mom’s computer to pull up what was then to recreate these looks I would see on runways.

My career path was kind of already set for me. However my love for design wouldn’t stop with clothes. It would develop into a love for details. I started to design jewlery out of precious metals at 23. My designs would be worn by the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Lebron James & Drake.

While starting a fine jewelry line I was fortunate enough to style musicians which became a career I am currently developing into costume design. I have been privilaged to assist on shows like Atlanta Season 2, Ballers Season 4, & Wild N Out Season 14.

Further into my exploration of design I became designing home goods from function, to contents & packaging. On my journey through this life I hope to be a student of design for the rest of my life including fashion, home goods, UX design, & architecture. Design is endless & limitless.


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